Prom Fashion and Everything You Shouldn’t Wear

Every year ladies enter an unspoken contest to see who will wear the most beautiful prom dress; unfortunately, many make the mistake of trying too hard to please. Fashion undeniably should bring out the best of your personality and sometimes girls take too much of a risk.

Looks that dominate the runway or the stripper poles don’t always work for prom fashion. So when looking for your die-for-me dress, remember the one rule of fashion – find a dress that works for your silhouette, proportion and curves but never buy a prom dress that clubs you over the head. You want stares not glares!

Sometimes less is more when choosing a prom dress.

Here are some tips for choosing your prom fashion and everything you shouldn’t wear;

  • Don’t choose the wrong color palette! – You may love pink but that hot pink bubblegum cutout is not the look you want to be remembered in. And there are many facets to wearing the color gold and everyone cannot pull it off. It depends on the style and fabric of the dress and if the gold matches your skin tone. Tread slowly when choosing the right color for your prom dress.


  • Do not wear that Bridesmaid dress from your cousin’s wedding; this is often thought of and it can work if you have the dress professionally tailored to fit the right event.

  • Leave that weekend club wear at home – this is not the event for lots of boobs and butt hanging out. Trust me; you don’t want to be remembered this way! And think of how embarrassing it may be for one strap to pop?


Let’s not forget some guidelines for the guys. It’s so much easier for a guy to choose prom attire; even a bare bones suit and tie will work if you’re not totally feeling a tux. But there are a few no-no’s that you should adhere to;

  • No sneakers please; there are comfortable foot wear that you can choose other than lace-ups. For just one night you can walk on the other side of fashion.
  • No jeans allowed; you know this should be a guideline for all school proms; I would even go for a pair of khakis over jeans for the prom.

You only have one prom to attend and while there is an argument for wearing what you want, most people look at past prom pictures in disbelief. Prom is a formal event so be sure to make the best of it.


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