Military Chic Heats Things Up

One of the hottest trends of the year, military chic redefines what it means to look sexy. It sets a whole new standard for women’s fashion, choosing to borrow a little something from the boys. Boyfriend-inspired looks or touches of masculinity amongst women’s clothing trends are nothing new. In fact, women have been borrowing style from men since the 1970’s and 80’s. From blazers to boyfriend jeans, men-inspired women’s fashion has been widespread and each year adopts different influences to integrate into its yearly trends.

Military Chic

What is Military Chic?

Military chic is a term in the fashion world that refers to a number of different military-inspired trends. It has been a constant in the fashion industry; reinventing itself year after year. In recent years, the trend has taken a more subtle approach, primarily borrowing colors from typical army attire to create a military look.

Today, the influences are much more apparent, with edgier remnants of the style evident in staples of the ensemble. Pieces such as combat boots, military jackets, fatigues, and cargo leggings are all used to convey a tough yet chic look, mixing femininity with the rough-and-tumble military world that was once considered only the boys’ domain.


Military Chic





Khaki Style Trousers


Khaki and Camouflage Prints

The British Army introduced the khaki drill uniform around 1857, and its influence is still found amongst women’s clothing in the 21st century today. Khaki trousers are very in vogue, along with the traditional army camouflage pants. Camouflage prints can be found on everything from pants to tank tops, and the colors are not limited to the classic olives, tans, and browns.

Although these shades are still the most common and most versatile in women’s fashion, everything from blues, oranges, and light pinks are used as well. When used in conjunction with camouflage prints, these colors offer brighter, more feminine options for women who prefer to pass on the darker, neutral shades.




Combat Style Boots


Combat-Style Boots

Nothing says “military chic” like a tough pair of combat-style boots. Combat lace-up boots are all the rage, ranging from high heel stiletto styles to classic Doc Martens. Any combat-style boot can be paired over a pair of khaki or camouflage trousers. They are also often worn over jumpsuits inspired by boiler suits, which were commonly worn by soldiers for non-combat work. Slip into a pair of combat boots and match them with an olive green tank and some camouflage leggings, and voila-- you instantly have an ensemble that presents the essence of military chic.





Military Style Denim Jacket


Army-Style Jackets

No military-inspired look is complete without an edgy army-style jacket of some sort. Jackets with fringed epaulettes are particularly in style, but any double breasted style with embellished buttons do the trick. An army jacket will give you just the right touch of military chic on its own, so be careful not to overdo it with too many military-inspired pieces for one ensemble. Whether you’re a tomboy at heart or you like feminine style with an aggressive edge, military chic embodies all of the elements that make a woman feel sexy, confident, and in charge.



The Evolution of Trendy Blazer Styles for Women

The fashion industry is saturated with women’s clothing trends that borrow key elements of menswear for their designs. Women’s fashion continues to be inspired by styles worn by men, with everything from pants and military garments, to suits and jackets. Men-inspired features bring an edgy, tailored look to women’s clothing, but they always have just enough feminine flair for ladies to call them their own.


The Evolution of Blazer Styles for Women


One of the hottest fashion trends directly influenced by menswear is the blazer, also known as a lightweight, semi-casual jacket for women. Commonly worn in the workplace, blazers are now worn by women to complement a variety of looks, including casual everyday wear and semi-formal evening wear. The blazer is perhaps one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a woman can own, and is widely considered a wardrobe staple in the fashion industry.


The History and Essence of the Blazer

Blazers look similar to sports jackets except they are a bit more formal, with a tailored appearance. Although this tailored appearance makes the blazer more comparable to a formal suit jacket, it still maintains a relaxed look, making it an appropriate attire choice for casual occasions as well.


The Military Style Blazer


The blazer’s popularity spiked in Britain throughout the early 1960’s and 1970’s, as the mod culture flourished. Icons such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles wore them in the music scene, and striped styles were particularly in vogue at the time.

Historically, blazers have long been used for school or military uniforms, complete with naval-style metal buttons. They were also originally associated with notable boating clubs, and the term “blazer” was taken from Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club, the college’s famous rowing club.

The team members originally wore red coats, which were called blazers because of their bright red color, and today, the blazer label still applies to similar jacket styles. Additionally, the modern blazers we see women wear today descend from the double breasted jackets that sailors often wore.

Popular Blazer Styles Today

Somewhere along the way, the navy-inspired, mod-chic blazer evolved, contributing to modern styles for both men and women. While these modern styles slightly differ from their original predecessors, their core design remains the same.

Today, women’s blazers are worn with jeans, work slacks, and even dresses. They put a tough, vintage spin on any knock-around outfit, and they add a little tailored rock and roll sophistication to the most modest ensemble.


Blazer Styles to Suit Your Mood


Whether the style is tweed, navy, or black or white, a blazer is like a handy fashion accessory that can be used to complement any casual or formal outfit, regardless of the season.

If you’re looking for the perfect piece to spruce up a t-shirt and some jeans, or you want to polish off your outfit for a night out on the town, a classic black or navy blazer is the way to go. Achieve a collaborative work of art by mixing this clean, masculine look with other fun, feminine trends.


5 Must-Haves to Update an Out-of-Date Wardrobe 

Looking to update that out-of-date wardrobe? You’re not alone. Every year we look to upgrade our practical pieces. But there are several must-haves that update and invigorate a humdrum wardrobe.


White Button-down Shirt

WHITE BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT – a white shirt is fashion’s most dominant aesthetic. You can wear the white button-down with just about anything. For a powerful corporate look, wear slightly fitted, to accentuate your curves while still looking professional; or tucked into dress slacks and paired with a peplum blazer is great for the office. Wear with jeans, not tucked in, with a pair of ballerina flats or trendy heels is good for a casual weekend day. But nothing beats the look of casual sophistication than a pair of boot-cut jeans with a white button-up shirt.


CARDIGAN -- Neutral shades offer you the most versatility. Replace a blazer with a cardigan at the office or a Sunday brunch for a slightly more feminine look. It will always soften the look. Add a belt and you set the stage for a more polished corporate look. Wear a cardigan with jeans and a tank, and you’ll have a more casual look. Lightweight fabrics are the best choices because it can span multiple seasons.

Brown Wrap Cardigan


Dark Denim Wash Jeans

PERFECT DARK WASH JEANS -- Denim jeans was one of the best inventions of the century. Jeans are the most widely worn and have a place in everyone’s wardrobe, no matter the age or weight. Finding yourself a bit heavy on the hips? You should choose jeans with a wider leg as they will be more flattering to your figure. For petite ladies, choose jeans that are long with straight legs; pair with heels and this look will suit you the most. Tall and slender? Lucky you! you can wear almost any style whether boot cut or skinny jeans. Boot cut jeans will flatter any shape because they can balance out wider hips and lengthen the legs.








SHOES -- An ugly pair of footwear can spoil your complete look, while a smart stylish pair of shoes can totally make a statement. When you shop for your shoes make sure that you select something versatile and comfortable. Sure, the trendy statement to make is “beauty hurts” however bunions and beauty don’t make a beautiful match.


TRENDY ACCESSORIES -- Looking to add panache to a dull look? Accessorize and save a fortune. Every wardrobe needs a few creative extras;

  • Scarves and wraps
  • Belts
  • Fashion jewelry
  • Clip-on accents for shoes



Fashion Trends to Make the Biggest Impact this Spring

The newest trends offer us inspiration for added confidence and moral. Just think of waking in the morning knowing you’ll look good today. Fashion gives us reliable independence and helps us shine. This is why we don’t choose just any trend or new fad, but the ones that make the biggest impact. Those are the trendy clothes we keep and build on year after year.

Make an Impact this Spring with a fitted trench jacket



If you’re looking to add some trendy style to your wardrobe and flaunt your passion for fashion here’s a list of spring must-haves that will make the biggest impact;

  • Everyone needs to have a come-hither halter this spring. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a solid color or a print; the look is amazing and ultra feminine.


A sophisticated and sensual halter dress


  • A sexy camisole to pair with a blazer or cardigan. A camisole can throw in a dash of femininity and flair for day or night, dressy or casual.


  • Curve-loving dresses that hit just at the knee. A body conscious well fitted outfit, that isn’t tight yet it hits the curves in all the right places will make an impact everywhere you go. I promise!

Tailored Linen Shorts

  • High-waist tailored linen shorts in neutral and pastel colors. Linen shorts are soft and comfortable, yet have a polished look. Pair with a blazer and you’ll have an instant runway look.




  • Necklaces in varying summer colors and length. Try pairing a long multi-beaded necklace in earth colors or coral neutral colors with a white scoop neck t-shirt and jeans and see how it changes the mood of the outfit. Or try pairing a shorter length silver two strand necklace with a collared white button down and see how the embellishment prompts a more refined look.


Now that you’ve got the basic staples of an outfit, here are some additions to further your mission of looking sexy and well-defined this spring;

  • Shoulder bag in a bright color like Red, Orange or Yellow.


A red shoulder bag will really give your ensemble impact.

  • Buy a Watch! There are two trends in watches right now; colored sport watches and sleek silver watches. Depending upon the look you’re going for whether corporate polished or the “it” girl, buy something that fits your personality.


  • Sandals that Bling! Any heel imagined counts! Go for gemstones and sparkles to ignite any outfit.

Fitted trench jacket

  • Trench jacket with wide belt is the number one pick this spring. This trendy jacket wraps up your outfit, whether casual or business-like. Not only is this pick a forever trend, but you get to wear it with a wide assortment of ensembles.






Putting your best fashion foot forward doesn’t have to be indulgent; choose items to play up your current wardrobe and you’ll be happy with the end results.


The Most Popular Shoe Styles for Spring

While many of us live for fashion there are plenty of fashion-fretful that feel tormented with the prospect of choosing an ensemble, especially the right shoes. Shoes not only help your outfit to stand out but it can also act as a camouflage.

Perhaps you need a few inches in height but not keen on wearing heels every day? Try a more comfortable wedge. Looking for something stylish yet sedate? Try a modern pair of Mary Jane’s, which are always in style.

There are several ways you can put your best foot forward; here’s a quick snapshot of the most popular shoe styles for spring.

  • The newest look for spring pairs the older man’s classic with a feminine touch – Two-toned Oxfords in flats or in heels. The contrasting color and shades inject glamour and vintage flair into your wardrobe.
  • Pair oxford heels with a solid color a-line dress or a black wrap dress; and try low heeled oxfords with boot cut slacks for that corporate look.

Oxford Heel Shoes


Just maybe you’re looking for a more comfortable and easy look and feel; try the shoe that never goes out of fashion – high heeled clogs.

  • This type of shoe provides you with a bohemian look. Don’t just pair up with jeans because they definitely will bring some attitude to your spring dresses.

If you’re like me you love showing off a beautiful pedicure and soft touch-me feet, so another big hit when choosing shoe styles for spring are shoes with detailed cutouts;

  • Show a bit of skin with intricate cutouts and your feet will definitely get noticed.
  • This style of shoe makes a great entrance because eyes are naturally drawn to the effects of the cutout. Add a bit of glimmer lotion to your skin and it will give the shoe more spark!







And lastly, strappy peep-toe shoe styles for spring are feisty and add attitude to any outfit. But, there are some of us who aren’t proud of our feet, yet still want the sexiness of strappy sandals just with a bit more coverage to hide the flaws;

  • Opt for some seductive glam by choosing a shoe style with lots of straps yet just enough cutouts to show lots of skin, with a hint of toe. All the straps hide what you don’t want seen, yet you still can’t help but to stare at the shoe. It’s perfect for any outfit, whether you choose jeans or a sundress.

When choosing among popular shoe styles for spring, keep in mind, you can do double duty with these shoes for a day or night look.


Prom Fashion and Everything You Shouldn’t Wear

Every year ladies enter an unspoken contest to see who will wear the most beautiful prom dress; unfortunately, many make the mistake of trying too hard to please. Fashion undeniably should bring out the best of your personality and sometimes girls take too much of a risk.

Looks that dominate the runway or the stripper poles don’t always work for prom fashion. So when looking for your die-for-me dress, remember the one rule of fashion – find a dress that works for your silhouette, proportion and curves but never buy a prom dress that clubs you over the head. You want stares not glares!

Sometimes less is more when choosing a prom dress.

Here are some tips for choosing your prom fashion and everything you shouldn’t wear;

  • Don’t choose the wrong color palette! – You may love pink but that hot pink bubblegum cutout is not the look you want to be remembered in. And there are many facets to wearing the color gold and everyone cannot pull it off. It depends on the style and fabric of the dress and if the gold matches your skin tone. Tread slowly when choosing the right color for your prom dress.


  • Do not wear that Bridesmaid dress from your cousin’s wedding; this is often thought of and it can work if you have the dress professionally tailored to fit the right event.

  • Leave that weekend club wear at home – this is not the event for lots of boobs and butt hanging out. Trust me; you don’t want to be remembered this way! And think of how embarrassing it may be for one strap to pop?


Let’s not forget some guidelines for the guys. It’s so much easier for a guy to choose prom attire; even a bare bones suit and tie will work if you’re not totally feeling a tux. But there are a few no-no’s that you should adhere to;

  • No sneakers please; there are comfortable foot wear that you can choose other than lace-ups. For just one night you can walk on the other side of fashion.
  • No jeans allowed; you know this should be a guideline for all school proms; I would even go for a pair of khakis over jeans for the prom.

You only have one prom to attend and while there is an argument for wearing what you want, most people look at past prom pictures in disbelief. Prom is a formal event so be sure to make the best of it.


How to Reinvent your Style on a Shoe-String Budget

Everyone needs a metamorphosis to reinvent your style now and again; you know, change the predictable and drab into fascinating and mysterious Wow! It’s natural to crave for change, reinvent and update your look.  But what rule book says you have to break the bank while looking good? There are ways to reinvent your style on a shoestring budget AND look like you’ve spent a fortune.

You can reinvent your style without spending a fortune

First, do not start your reinvention by tossing out staple pieces you look good in; these pieces are the foundation of your wardrobe and will shape your overall look. The secret to cracking this code involves reviewing your wardrobe, identifying exactly what you want to change and finding ways to enhance what you already have.

Now, many of us love our black and white and neutral tones so experiment a bit and add a splash of color.


  • A colorful camisole paired with a tailored blazer gives a lot of style and a new look to your professional appearance. The color sparks interest and makes everyone take a second glance.


  • A colorful scarf will bring some excitement to a boring black suit and uplift your mood.





A patterned camisole can work both casually and with a business suit

And don’t be shy about wearing prints; swap that simple black cardigan for a floral one or add some stripes. Patterned tops always perk up a wardrobe and the color adds visual impact.  Keep in mind, you should always polish and maximize your inner fashion goddess with a bit of visual impact. Color, color, color will always lead the way in any reinvention.

Whether you’re seeking corporate chic or a do-over for corporate casual there’s a simplified way to re-style your current look. The quick and simple restyling tools include mix and matching colorful blouses or seasonal sweaters with your staple pants and skirts, adorned with belts, sparkly shoes or a fitted blazer.

How do you reinvent your style with the familiar cotton t-shirt?

All t-shirts are not equal but a solid color scooped-neck t-shirt paired with a pencil skirt and the right necklace will turn that outfit into a great style idea.

Take a different perspective on fashion; it’s a visual conversation piece to make you feel confident and others admire you.

Fashion adds drama and plays up your personality. Your only challenge in your style reinvention is choosing which items make your outfit stand out. The secret is not what you pair together; it’s the details you use to make the outfit pop.

A pencil skirt is a fashion staple

A pencil skirt and a scoop neck top may sound a bit lackluster at first glance, but when that skirt is a vibrant color paired with a sparkling necklace and/or large bauble bracelet the outfit comes alive.




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