Finding Your Perfect Engagement Ring

When finding that perfect engagement ring, is bigger always better? If you’re looking for an engagement ring to encapsulate your own style then there are definitely a few things to think about.


Engagement rings have been part of our lives for thousands of years. An engagement ring is traditionally placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was believed, since the time of the Ancient Greeks, that within this finger there was a vein going straight to the heart (the vena amoris).


An Engagement Ring

An Engagement Ring


The Platinum Ring

Platinum has been an incredibly popular engagement ring colour for a long time. The colour is understated and complementary to a wide range of style ensembles. However, future brides nowadays seem to adopt more adventurous colours such as white and yellow gold rings as well as other precious metals.



Kate Middleton’s style has always been tailored, sophisticated, and feminine. Whenever Kate makes her public appearance, her style choices were often scrutinized and many times applauded. Since her engagement, many jewelers have seen an increase in emerald and yellow-coloured stones over the typical and more traditional white diamond design. Leading the pack is Marks and Spencer, which became famous for selling a replica of the platinum-plated royal ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. More than 5,500 pieces were already sold just after seven months of its date of release.


Kate Middleton Reveals Her Engagement Ring During a Public Event

Kate Middleton Reveals Her Engagement Ring During a Public Event



Over the last few years, the celebrity world has continually given us larger engagement rings. The standard platinum setting for a simple understated diamond is definitely not the norm any more in this circle. If you don’t have the same budget as J-Lo or Kim Kardashian, then it is advisable to go for quality and style over quantity. Bigger sometimes isn’t always better.


Finding An Engagement Ring

When discussing engagement rings the 4 C’s are often discussed (Carats, Colour, Clarity and Cut). The final ‘C’, cost, is related to the previous four. It is important to set a budget for the engagement ring and not purchase what you can’t afford. Make sure to start your search early so you will know how much money you will set aside for that ring. This will make it easier on your pocket.

Throughout the ages and still today, engagement rings have been a sign of means and style. At Urbanity Chic we hope that whatever your budget and style you find that special something that will keep you happy, both for its style and what it represents.

Buy Upcoming Fashion Talent by Urbanity Chic

Buy Upcoming Fashion Talent by Urbanity Chic

In Vogue Fashion Report: Victorian Charm

You cannot help but notice the abundance of Victorian and vintage-inspired clothing trends that are taking over the fashion industry. The popularity of all-things-feminine is growing at an alarming rate, and each season, we are seeing an increase in the appearance of vintage-inspired women’s clothing with a touch of Victorian charm.


Victorian Charm

Modern Fashion with Victorian Influences


What’s the best part about this hot new trend? The fact that these ultra-feminine designs are being mixed and matched with menswear-inspired pieces, such as military styles and vintage men’s blazers. That’s right-- looks with lots of lace, pastel pinks, and edgy schoolboy blazers are being combined to create an eclectic, vintage style for women.


The Look

The blend of vintage and Victorian styles has created a surge in delicate, ladylike ensembles, which are often combined with a little edge. Everything from lace-edged socks worn with sandals, and floral print sundresses with various pastel shades are gracing the shelves. To top it off, fun menswear-inspired pieces are being used to complement these looks. Whether it’s a military-style combat boot or a navy-inspired dark blue blazer, women are hopping on the Victorian charm train with added touches of tough tomboy chic.


Victorian Charm

Victorain Fashion


Victorian Elements

The elements of old Victorian fashion that are currently influencing women’s fashion trends include corsets, romantic lacing, and elegant, elaborate patterns and fabrics. All of these elements are being used to complement more modern styles of the 21st century.

Brocade designs mixed with chic lace are common features of the trend; showing up on many blouses, summer dresses, and even pants. Lace-up booties are also all the rage, borrowing Victorian elements such as rounded toes and lace-up designs. Some styles even have intricate lace detail integrated into the exterior shoe design. These bootie styles are available in short ankle lengths as well as knee or mid-calf lengths.

Victorian-inspired shades such as deep purples, mauves, and taupes make these shoe designs absolutely beautiful, especially when paired with other Victorian features, like lace off-the-shoulder blouses and sleek corsets with killer silhouettes.

If you are unsure as to whether or not some of these Victorian-inspired features are too much for your modern wardrobe, then consider adding two or three solid pieces to your collection for optimal versatility. Pairing one or two of these vintage or antique pieces with a simple pair of skinny jeans or leggings is a great way to sport the trend without overdoing it.


Victorian Fashion


Additionally, accessories with traditional vintage charm, such as Victorian or Edwardian parasols are making their presence known as well. Models wearing Victorian and modern fashions alike have been walking the runways with these era-inspired accessories, dramatically changing the look of even the most modern ensembles.

Whether you are a sophisticated minimalist or you love an overload of feminine chic styles, the Victorian charm trend allows you to embrace vintage romance and your inner girly girl. Borrow something old and something new with the latest Victorian-inspired trends, and don’t expect to see these romantic looks disappear anytime soon.


Popular Fashions at the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding was a long-anticipated event, surrounded by flurries of media from the moment of engagement right up until the grand occasion. So, it is no surprise that some of the hottest fashions were worn and admired at the wedding, and of course, the media was right there to cover the top styles donned by Britain’s royalty! This year, the lavish event was all about chic, bold hats and lots and lots of lace.


Princess Marie Chantal of Greece

Philip Treacy

One of the most prominent designers worn at the wedding was famous hat designer, Philip Treacy. Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, scoring a spot on the best-dressed list, topped her look off with a pewter, rose embellished Philip Treacy hat. Victoria and David Beckham were also seen wearing Philip Treacy hats. Victoria paired her dramatic floral design with a navy blue dress from her personal clothing line, while her husband, David, paired his Treacy top hat with a Ralph Lauren suit. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was seen entering the Westminster Abbey with her sister, wearing a beautiful blue off-the-shoulder Deborah Milner dress, which was gorgeously complemented by her matching, rosette-topped Philip Treacy.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson



A number of royal attendees also flaunted unique Philip Treacy hat designs. Belgium Princess Mathilde paired her bright teal dress with a wide-brimmed, elaborate Philip Treacy that perfectly matched the tone of her dress, and that’s not all! The Duchess of Cornwall, stepmother of the groom, completed her Anna Valentine champagne-colored dress with an airy, champagne-colored Philip Treacy hat. Additionally, Zara Phillips, the next royal attendee to be married, paired her periwinkle outfit with an intricately designed black Treacy style.


Hats, Hats, and More Hats

Treacy’s designs were not the only hats present at the royal event, though. Mother of the bride, Carole Middleton, completed her Catherine Walker passementerie coat with a matching Jane Corbett hat, and Claudia Bradby’s dramatic Jane Marcantonio plumed topper swooped up and above crowd.


Carole Middleton



Sophie, the Countess of Wessex and the wife of Prince Edward, paired her neutral beige Bruce Oldfield ensemble with a Jane Taylor rosette spray. Even the queen herself, Queen Elizabeth II, the grandmother of the groom, was bright and cheery in an all-yellow ensemble, completed with a flowered hat designed by Angela Kelly, her personal assistant.


Lovely Lace

A number of lace hats were also found at the royal wedding, along with lace outfits, all of which seemed to naturally add to the bride’s beautiful, modest lace wedding gown choice. Chelsy Davy paired an aqua green Alberta Ferreti skirt and jacket with an elegant taupe lace hat, made especially for her by Victoria Grant.

Also, it was hard to miss Princess Letizia of Spain, who paired a pink bandage Felipe Varela dress with a cloche hat, complete with a laced blusher. Out of all of the wedding attendees, Miriam Gonzalez Duantez, wife to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, seemed to pull off one of the least conservative looks, including a tight, body-hugging dress that was draped in lace, completed with an eye-catching red hat.

Overall, guests at the royal wedding flaunted an abundance of color, with fashionable, conservative, designs, just like the stunning Kate Middleton, now the official Duchess of Cambridge.

Miriam Gonzalez Duantez and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg



Kate Middleton Walks the Aisle in Alexander McQueen

When you think of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, you may automatically picture the fierce ensembles so often toted by pop princesses like Lady Gaga and Estonian native Kerli, but prominent public figures all over the globe have sported styles from the House of Alexander McQueen, and the new Duchess of Cambridge is no exception.


Prince William and Kate Middleton


Kate’s Signature Style

Kate Middleton’s style has always been tailored, sophisticated, and feminine, so when rumors began swirling that she would wear a wedding ensemble designed by the House of Alexander McQueen, the fashion world was buzzing, anxious to see the pieces she chose to wear for the royal wedding.

Commonly seen wearing riding boots, sleek dark jeans, and chic, tailored winter coats, Kate Middleton’s look is always elegant and ladylike. When it was confirmed that her wedding gown and wedding shoes were designed by Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s head designer, everyone was pleasantly surprised when the wedding day look was revealed.


Prince William and Kate Middleton Say Their Wedding Vows



The McQueen Wedding Day Ensemble

Equally as charming and refined as her usual ensemble choices, Kate’s McQueen gown was dripping in French Chantilly and English Cluny lace. Both the gown’s bodice and skirt were handmade with the Carrickmacross lace-making technique from the the Royal School of Needlework. This intricate technique originated from Ireland in the 1820s, and ivory and white satin gazar materials were used to construct the design.

The gown was made with a cornerstone Alexander McQueen design: Victorian narrowed waist and padded hips, a corsetry-inspired look that is evident in many of McQueen’s styles. Shamrocks, daffodils, and roses were among the few designs used to create unique flowers for her ivory silk tulle fabric. To top off her stunning gown, Kate chose custom-made heels designed by Sarah Burton as well.


Kate Middleton



As drop dead gorgeous as her gown was, it was hard for the press to peel their eyes from it long enough to get a glimpse of the shoes, but they did manage to do it! The heels beautifully complemented her fabulous gown, made with silky satin and hand-embroidered lace to match. Similar to the dress, the lace used to make the shoes was carefully prepared by hand at the Royal School of Needlework in Surrey, UK.

The pattern of the shoes was designed to mimic the same floral pattern on the dress, with delicate lace appliqués over light ivory satin in a nude tone. It’s okay, bridal beauties! Although her heels were custom made, you can find similar pumps from which are exclusively available for $995. If you want to look and feel like the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge did on the royal wedding day, you will the minute you slip into these breathtaking heels.

Alexander McQueen designs may not be an option for your big day, but they certainly did Kate Middleton’s look justice at the fairy tale wedding we all loved to dream about. Her inspiring ensemble was proof that Alexander McQueen’s usually bold fashion offers versatile, fabulously chic options, even for modest, tailored beauties such as Duchess Kate.



Old Hollywood’s Impact on the Fashion World

We all recognize Old Hollywood as an influential piece of history that has significantly shaped and defined what we consider to be glamorous. This is the same glamour we still pay homage to today, in the 21st century. Hollywood may be a physical place, but Old Hollywood has been a representation of an actual era for decades now; a more romantic, nostalgic era that has passed down some of the chicest fashions to date.

Marilyn Monroe - an Epitome of Old Hollywood



The spirit of Hollywood from the 1920’s to the 1960’s affected pop culture and the fashion industry in such a way that old starlets, films, and directors alike are still household names today because of its popularity. Over the years, we’ve tried our best to imitate or reproduce everything and anything that these celebrities and films have left behind for us to admire.

Vintage Designs

As Old Hollywood left traces of its soul behind, just about everything from its past spawned inspiration, and our world has been fascinated with it ever since. From clothing and art, to music and architectural design, the Old Hollywood we all know and cherish has left its mark in immeasurable ways.

One area where its glamour is still evident today is the fashion world, where style influences from this period in time are everywhere you turn. Still to this day, major designers from famous fashion Houses all over the globe have channeled Hollywood glamour in their designs. If Old Hollywood gave the fashion industry anything, it gave it the very definition of the word “classic.”

The largest influences Old Hollywood glamour has passed on are found in the countless vintage designs that are responsible for the most timeless trends. Unlike many other trends in the fashion world, vintage trends have transcended the passing of time, thanks to their universal appeal and sophisticated versatility. Year after year, flapper or retro-inspired trends appear on the runways, and designers create lines to emulate the fashion icons of this famous era. Art Deco brooches and sleek, streamlined blazers are a few simple examples that we see lingering in the fashion world today.


Bette Davis

Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn




Famous Starlets

Thanks to famous starlets such as Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis, round, voluptuous dress silhouettes, lace appliqués, and netted hats and veils are here to stay. Who can forget Audrey Hepburn’s sunglasses and sleek black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Or how about the edgy leather jacket that bad boy James Dean so generously graced us with in Rebel without a Cause?  These are all simple yet elegant fashions that we have Old Hollywood to thank for.

As time goes on, we continue to see a reemergence in vintage fashions. From the runways to the red carpet, our modern designers, models, and celebrities are all choosing to return to their fashion roots. Borrowing style wisdom from the fabulous Lana Turner and dashing charm from the one and only Fred Astaire, our modern fashion gurus continue to turn to pieces of original Hollywood fashion, which can be found in the most subtle forms on the runway.

Fred Astaire

Lana Turner



Next time you admire the delicately-laced boat neck on the latest Vera Wang gown, or the chic birdcage veil that Katherine Heigl wore to her wedding, remember Old Hollywood and all of the glamour it has contributed to the fashion industry over the years. The magnitude of its influence may never fully be recognized, but what we do know of it will certainly be idolized in the generations to come.

Katherine Heigl - Inspired by Old Hollywood?

Vintage Fashion Trends that Embrace Inner Romance

Although vintage fashion never really went out of style, it has certainly garnered more attention in the fashion industry in recent years. As early as the 1920’s and 1930’s, men and women of the early 1900’s were setting timeless fashion trends without even knowing it. As flapper style of the 1930’s and 40’s emerged, and Old Hollywood glamour swept the globe, each era left behind classic trends, all of which have made repeat appearances over the years. Similar to the styles we embrace today season after season, fashions of these former decades were seen as stylish and modern at the time. Many of these styles are now fashion staples, regardless of how the modern fashion world has evolved.

Dita Von Teese


Dita Von Teese

Vintage 1920's Fashion

Vintage Fashion has transcended to many modern forms

Everywhere you turn, classic looks from our former, more glamorous and romantic eras have been preserved, even amongst the 21st century’s modern couture. Today, the general term “vintage” is still alive and well, and it continues to lead the way for future trends, reminding us that classic fashion never dies.

The Characteristics of Vintage Fashion

So what defines vintage fashion and what exactly is it known for? When used to refer to fashion, the term “vintage” represents any type of garment that originates from a previous era. Whether new or handed down, vintage clothing has certain characteristics that make it desirable. Often called “old” clothing, vintage clothing is popular today for a number of reasons.

Timeless Romance

Romance is a characteristic of vintage clothing that continues to captivate us today. A common feature of women’s vintage clothing is lace-- and lots of it. Dresses, wedding gowns, and slips were all made with delicate, elaborate lacing, often designed around the edges of the garment or used over an entire ensemble. The element of lace exudes the essence of amour with its soft, elegant design.

Another characteristic of women’s vintage clothing that stirs up the same romantic sentiment is netting, which was often used for veils and hats. Fishnet and lace features complemented earlier vintage fashions, and in many ways became the basis for our fascination with vintage trends. The bridal fashion industry is dripping with birdcage-netted veils today, and more and more celebrities are choosing to wear retro hats with classic Russian netting.


Dita Von Teese in a Veil of Lace

Dita Von Teese


High-Quality Designs

Aside from the romantic, luxurious feel a vintage garment provides an ensemble, high quality is another reason the fashion industry is still in love with vintage clothing today. Originally made to be passed on to friends and family members, vintage garments were once made with the finest materials and craftsmanship. It is very hard to find the same quality of clothing today for an affordable price.

When you do find high-quality garments, they are typically much more expensive than they once were. Modern designers work hard to use the same quality materials and craftsmanship to create reproductions of popular vintage styles, but the cost of these styles greatly reflects that.

As generations march on, designers, artists, and fashionistas everywhere will continue to borrow the timeless trends from eras past to create vintage clothing. Surely, pioneers of the fashion industry will continue to design each style with the same commitment, passion, and quality craftsmanship that vintage clothing was once made with.


Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese


The Latest Louis Vuitton Trends

Louis Vuitton, the world-renowned fashion brand known for its fine leather goods and accessories, is a fashion lover’s dream. Year after year, from Fashion Week to the seasonal runways, artists, designers, and avid fashionistas across the globe gather together to admire and swoon over the latest Louis Vuitton looks.


Scarlett Johansson modeling for Louis Vuitton




The Birth of Vuitton Trends

Louis Vuitton, the founder of the company, was born in the early 1800’s and soon made his way to Paris, where he later founded the label in 1854. Since then, the label has contributed groundbreaking designs and trends to the fashion world each year, making it an incomparable, distinguished household name in the fashion industry.

Beginning with the designs of travel accessories such as high-quality luggage, Louis Vuitton instantly made a name for himself as a premier designer and carrier of luxurious leather luggage and accessories. Today, the essence of the label is still upheld through its superior leather goods. Since the label was established in the 1800’s, the brand has grown in popularity of immense proportions.


Louis Vuitton’s Damier Azur Galleria Bag



Vuitton Trends Today

Women and men everywhere still flock to the runway each year to get a glimpse of the latest Louis Vuitton fashions, and you wouldn’t dare speak of the fashion industry to style gurus without at least acknowledging the honorable Louis Vuitton. The brand’s name has simply been one of the most influential Houses in fashion to date.

Louis Vuitton’s famous supple leather has been used to provide an array of purses, handbags, wallets, and luggage. The latest trends have focused on the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram design, with warm pink and brown hues, such as deep mauve, rouge, and a variety of shades of pink and taupe.


Louis Vuitton Style




1. The Sherwood GM in Monogram Vernis Leather

One of the hottest bags of the season, The Sherwood GM in Monogram Vernis leather, comes in Rouge Fauviste, Amarante, Blanc Corail, or Pomme D’Amour, and it is made with the finest shiny golden brass hardware. This embossed patent leather design exudes elegance. From its exquisite Toron handles to its delicate detailing, this bag is practical, sophisticated, and extremely chic. Aside from its striking good looks, the Sherwood GM’s roomy interior makes it a must-have for the woman on the go.



2. The Heart Coin Purse

Store your cash in luxury with the Heart Coin Purse, a new arrival that stands out among all the rest. This embossed Monogram Vernis Leather coin purse is lined with calf leather and comes with a chain to attach to the D-ring of any Louis Vuitton bag. Available in the same Rouge Fauviste and Blanc Corail colors as the Sherwood GM, the Heart Coin Purse is also available in a dark, luscious Blue Infini color, perfect for any season.



3. The Debbie Ballerina in Monogram Idylle


Although the Louis Vuitton brand is famous for its luxury handbags, luggage, and accessories, it also offers gorgeous shoe wear and attire for the chicest women on the block. Ballerina flats are all the rage right now, and the Debbie Ballerina in Monogram Idylle embodies the popular features of this trend with practicality and sophistication. Available in Sepia and Fusain colors, this ballet pump is exceptionally constructed with an extra-supple rubber sole and padded insock to provide ultimate comfort.


Louis Vuitton Style


Fashion Trends to Make the Biggest Impact this Spring

The newest trends offer us inspiration for added confidence and moral. Just think of waking in the morning knowing you’ll look good today. Fashion gives us reliable independence and helps us shine. This is why we don’t choose just any trend or new fad, but the ones that make the biggest impact. Those are the trendy clothes we keep and build on year after year.

Make an Impact this Spring with a fitted trench jacket



If you’re looking to add some trendy style to your wardrobe and flaunt your passion for fashion here’s a list of spring must-haves that will make the biggest impact;

  • Everyone needs to have a come-hither halter this spring. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a solid color or a print; the look is amazing and ultra feminine.


A sophisticated and sensual halter dress


  • A sexy camisole to pair with a blazer or cardigan. A camisole can throw in a dash of femininity and flair for day or night, dressy or casual.


  • Curve-loving dresses that hit just at the knee. A body conscious well fitted outfit, that isn’t tight yet it hits the curves in all the right places will make an impact everywhere you go. I promise!

Tailored Linen Shorts

  • High-waist tailored linen shorts in neutral and pastel colors. Linen shorts are soft and comfortable, yet have a polished look. Pair with a blazer and you’ll have an instant runway look.




  • Necklaces in varying summer colors and length. Try pairing a long multi-beaded necklace in earth colors or coral neutral colors with a white scoop neck t-shirt and jeans and see how it changes the mood of the outfit. Or try pairing a shorter length silver two strand necklace with a collared white button down and see how the embellishment prompts a more refined look.


Now that you’ve got the basic staples of an outfit, here are some additions to further your mission of looking sexy and well-defined this spring;

  • Shoulder bag in a bright color like Red, Orange or Yellow.


A red shoulder bag will really give your ensemble impact.

  • Buy a Watch! There are two trends in watches right now; colored sport watches and sleek silver watches. Depending upon the look you’re going for whether corporate polished or the “it” girl, buy something that fits your personality.


  • Sandals that Bling! Any heel imagined counts! Go for gemstones and sparkles to ignite any outfit.

Fitted trench jacket

  • Trench jacket with wide belt is the number one pick this spring. This trendy jacket wraps up your outfit, whether casual or business-like. Not only is this pick a forever trend, but you get to wear it with a wide assortment of ensembles.






Putting your best fashion foot forward doesn’t have to be indulgent; choose items to play up your current wardrobe and you’ll be happy with the end results.


Desert-Inspired Fashion Trends Take Over the Catwalk

Desert-inspired fashion trends have been gracing the runways since 2007, the year they really began stealing the spotlight. Trends with desert inspiration have appeared in the fashion industry numerous times over the years, with different elements taking center stage from year to year. However, 2011 is proving to be the year that desert-inspired fashion trends take over the catwalk!


Desert Fashion

Desert Fashion is Hitting the Catwalk


Mixed with military-style clothing and accessories, desert-inspired looks have merged with uniform, vintage trends that the military fad currently embraces. You’ll find everything from military jackets to camo print blouses, paired with beige cargo-style pants and dark brown and khaki knit tops.

If you’re ready to heat things up this summer with the same hot desert-inspired fashion that is all the rage on the runways, here are some of the most current desert trends to be aware of.


Popular Trends

Desert-inspired looks are definitely all about neutral colors and clean, chic materials, but the key elements in these trends are also all about the prints and patterns. This year, Southwestern prints are a desert trend staple, with everything from Aztec patterns and jewelry to tribal shapes and bold colors. Many tribal patterns are mixed with skull prints or Native American designs, and jewelry and other accessories are decked out with whimsical charms and ornaments.


Tribal Fashion

Aztec Fashion


Aztec print dresses are especially hot this year, with off-the-shoulder designs and feminine ruffled accents. Other items that are essential include wedge heels and scarves with tribal accents, which act as focal pieces to any desert-inspired look. They are paired with solid cargo pants and tops, or long, flowing dresses and chunky skull charm jewelry.

Between desert color tones, Southwestern influence, and military chic, these desert trends bring a whole new meaning to laid-back style. They have already been a hit this spring, and they are ideal for the upcoming summer months!


How to Wear Them

Since desert-inspired fashion trends are based heavily on bold, intricate prints and patterns, wearing them can be a little tricky. Like many other trends, if you wear too many pieces, you risk throwing your look out of balance and making it appear too over the top, but if you don’t wear enough of the trend, your outfit may not look desert-inspired at all.


Desert Fashion

Desert Fashion


The best way to wear these trends is to choose at least one or two pieces you can use as focal points for your ensemble. For example, a lightweight tribal pattern scarf combined with a thick, skull charm bracelet is just enough to give a beige or olive green sundress some desert style. A Southwestern-style heel paired with an Aztec print dress is a surefire way to create an over-the-top look, so opt for just a set of desert heels and a tribal handbag instead. Keep it simple, but don’t be afraid to play around with these bold trends.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to choose one or the other—either wear your shoes and accessories with desert-inspired prints, or wear your dress, blouse, or shorts with the prints. Don’t wear both, or your outfit might clash, and you’ll look less than hot on your own personal runway!



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