Military Chic Heats Things Up

One of the hottest trends of the year, military chic redefines what it means to look sexy. It sets a whole new standard for women’s fashion, choosing to borrow a little something from the boys. Boyfriend-inspired looks or touches of masculinity amongst women’s clothing trends are nothing new. In fact, women have been borrowing style from men since the 1970’s and 80’s. From blazers to boyfriend jeans, men-inspired women’s fashion has been widespread and each year adopts different influences to integrate into its yearly trends.

Military Chic

What is Military Chic?

Military chic is a term in the fashion world that refers to a number of different military-inspired trends. It has been a constant in the fashion industry; reinventing itself year after year. In recent years, the trend has taken a more subtle approach, primarily borrowing colors from typical army attire to create a military look.

Today, the influences are much more apparent, with edgier remnants of the style evident in staples of the ensemble. Pieces such as combat boots, military jackets, fatigues, and cargo leggings are all used to convey a tough yet chic look, mixing femininity with the rough-and-tumble military world that was once considered only the boys’ domain.


Military Chic





Khaki Style Trousers


Khaki and Camouflage Prints

The British Army introduced the khaki drill uniform around 1857, and its influence is still found amongst women’s clothing in the 21st century today. Khaki trousers are very in vogue, along with the traditional army camouflage pants. Camouflage prints can be found on everything from pants to tank tops, and the colors are not limited to the classic olives, tans, and browns.

Although these shades are still the most common and most versatile in women’s fashion, everything from blues, oranges, and light pinks are used as well. When used in conjunction with camouflage prints, these colors offer brighter, more feminine options for women who prefer to pass on the darker, neutral shades.




Combat Style Boots


Combat-Style Boots

Nothing says “military chic” like a tough pair of combat-style boots. Combat lace-up boots are all the rage, ranging from high heel stiletto styles to classic Doc Martens. Any combat-style boot can be paired over a pair of khaki or camouflage trousers. They are also often worn over jumpsuits inspired by boiler suits, which were commonly worn by soldiers for non-combat work. Slip into a pair of combat boots and match them with an olive green tank and some camouflage leggings, and voila-- you instantly have an ensemble that presents the essence of military chic.





Military Style Denim Jacket


Army-Style Jackets

No military-inspired look is complete without an edgy army-style jacket of some sort. Jackets with fringed epaulettes are particularly in style, but any double breasted style with embellished buttons do the trick. An army jacket will give you just the right touch of military chic on its own, so be careful not to overdo it with too many military-inspired pieces for one ensemble. Whether you’re a tomboy at heart or you like feminine style with an aggressive edge, military chic embodies all of the elements that make a woman feel sexy, confident, and in charge.



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