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Stephen Rainer is a professional photographer from Lowestoft in the UK and is the founder of the photographic studio Life in Images. In December we interviewed Stephen for Urbanity Chic ( and since have received lots of positive reviews from our readers about his portfolio. Due to this, shortly after Christmas we asked Stephen if any of his fans would like to ask him some questions that we could include at the end of the interview. Stephen set up a post on his Facebook page and invited anyone to ask him questions about his photography. Wow! We were blown away by the response so decided to give Life in Images another feature on the site incorporating his fan’s questions and showcasing his latest shoot.


Life in Images

Life in Images


Read on to find out about how Stephen compares stills to film, what his creative goals for a project are and what it is about people that Stephen enjoys photographing most.


Emma Teader Do you prefer shooting stills or motion, because I’ve seen that you’ve worked on a couple of short films recently?


Stephen Rainer I guess if I really had to choose I’d say stills. I love the principle behind capturing a single moment. It’s completely alien to our everyday life and that makes it more interesting right off the bat. Motion is still relatively new to me so I am very keen to do more. I find that I approach motion as a stills photographer and try to make the shot work as a still to begin with.


Emma Teader What is it in particular you enjoy about stills. And at is your favourite thing to capture? i.e. do you take pictures of random thing that look interesting to you or do you prefer the organised fashion shoots etc…?


Life In Images Emma -- I seldom shoot random. Something or somewhere would have to inspire me to break away from my main focus. I had a little random spree whilst on location at McLean House recently which I have to say I enjoyed very much.


Life in Images

Life in Images


Cheryl Tate Stephen your photos are fantastic, each one captures the subject in a way that makes you want to know their story. What kind of environment do you prefer to work in? And why? Studio or out on location?


Life In Images Cheryl -- Thank you for the kind comments. I think I answered that question during my last interview with Urbanity Chic,


Chris Hill Do you prefer shooting people or objects/places?

When shooting people, do you prefer staged/posed pictures or natural scenes?

Do you have a goal, somewhere you’d like this to take you? Or are you just happy to enjoy whatever happens, when it happens?


Life In Images Chris -- People, without a doubt. For me, nothing compares to the personality and versatility from one person to the next. I really couldn’t choose between posed and natural -- it’s whatever fits the circumstance and requirement I guess, but I enjoy both equally for different reasons.


Life In Images Chris -- I find it difficult to define a goal with any accuracy because I don’t think I would be happy settling for one discipline. I do know (and work hard) that I want to be successful however that shapes up.


Life in Images

Life in Images



Karen Vanstaen Stephen, you are such a talented individual, the pictures you took of my baby girl caught her happy little character and I will always cherish them. Are you aware of the impact of your work when you are photographing?


Life In Images Hi Karen -- great question. I think this works both ways and is applicable in most disciplines. I am often told by models how much they enjoyed shooting with me and that they actually learned something from the way I work which of course makes me feel good in turn and builds my own confidence. I think the best example of this would be a ‘help portrait’ I did in Dec last year for the community dance group. The idea is to give those who need it an enjoyable day and a lift. This really worked both ways as everybody involved had the most wonderful experience. Remembering this as I type is making me smile 🙂 Ps. Glad you like your photos!


Life in Images

Life in Images


Sophie Jewry Hi Stephen, love your photos -- you really have an amazing eye for a shot. Does that come from experience or do you think it’s a natural talent? Perhaps a bit of both? It’s been lovely to have a look through all the different styles of images you’ve taken that are on your Facebook page -- do you have a shoot that stands out in your mind as the best one you’ve done -- perhaps best in terms of quality of finished images and best in terms of the most fun you had or the most you learned while you were shooting? 🙂


Stephen Rainer Apologies for the delayed response! Sophie Jewry -- Thank you for the kind comments.

I think you need a creative eye to make a start but there is certainly lots to work on from there so experience plays a huge part. Working with different personalities can be difficult too particularly when you are looking for something specific and need to convey your ideas; as they say, everybody is different. Re favourite image, see previous interview 🙂


Stuart Tate Stephen, as you know we believe you have an exceptional talent, you are able to make the ordinary seem extraordinary, but knowing the world has some real extraordinary locations, if you could choose any location in the world for a photo shoot where would it be?


Stephen Rainer Stuart -- Wow, that’s a great question!

I think the answer would change hourly! It also depends on the shoot I guess and what is appropriate. I really like an urban environment for fashion shoots, maybe with a little obscurity too, maybe somewhere like Beijing or Mexico City? Ask me again in an hour!


Life in Images

Life in Images


Juliet Wright I particularly like and am intrigued by the vibrant photographs in your ‘on the move’ portfolio on the Life in Images website. Is travel photography and the portrayal of other cultures something you intend to work more on in the future? Is there a particular culture you would like to have the opportunity to photograph?


Stephen Rainer Juliet -- In a word, YES!

I believe it is essential to work outside of your own environment as often as you can. Explore different cultures, fashions and circumstance. There is always a story to tell to those who do not!


Special Thanks to the following for his latest shoot at Kenton Hall :

Hair: Sadie Bareham

MUA: Millie Rose

MUA: Maria Giles

Wardrobe: Laura Churchill of Bluebird Vintage

Models: Rose Evans, Anabelle Janes, Gemma Buskell, Emma Anna


Also many thanks for the questions to: Emma Teader, Cheryl Tate, Chris Hill, Karen Vanstean, Sophie Jewry, Juliet Wright.

Editor’s Note: We’re really loving Stephen’s latest shoot at Urbanity Chic and can’t wait what he’ll do next. One of Urbanity Chic’s favourite creative fashion photographers and definitely ‘One to Watch’ in the fashion industry.


Life in Images


If you’d like to see more of Stephen Rainer’s impressive portfolio or get in touch; just follow the links below:

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