Spotlight Interview – Schanae Jellick

 Schanae Jellick is a fashion model from Brisbane, Australia and is Urbanity Chic’s latest Starnow competition winner. When we checked out Schanae’s commercial, funky look we were really keen to complete the spotlight interview so that we could share her modeling portfolio and experiences with you. Read the full interview below to discover who Schanae would like to work with given a chance, how she prepares for a shoot and what she does to relax when not working.


Schanae Jellick

Schanae Jellick

Schanae Jellick


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Q: Who are you called?

I go by my real name Schanae (or Shay) Jellick and for website material I go by “Little Miss Meerkat”


Q: How did you get into fashion modeling?

My stepmother actually got me into it at age 11 by signing me into June Dally Watkins modeling course.


Q: How have the last 12 months been for you?

They have been great, it’s my first year as a freelancing model and I’ve managed to get a lot of recognition.


Q: Who inspires you?

Kate Moss -- She’s shorter like me 🙂


Schanae Jellick

Schanae Jellick


Dior - Miss Dior Cherie

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Q: Which modern day fashion designers or fashion icons do you look up to?

Its hard to say, I’m inspired by so many different styles and icons and I just smoosh it all together in a way that works.

I do love Kanye West’s and Victoria Beckham’s style though.


Q: Do you prefer to shoot on location or in the studio?

It used to be studio but location is always a bit more interesting without Photoshop involved.


Q: Do you have any interesting stories about a particular photo shoot, or a casting you’d like to share?

Once on location the team and me could hear a lot of crying from a distance, 30 mins later a girl comes down with a group of people surrounding her. Turned out some crazy person had attacked her and broken her nose, Needless to say, the shoot was quickly packed up for the day!


Q: How do you prepare for a fashion shoot or show?

It takes a lot more preparation then everyone thinks. Obviously basic things like shaving / waxing etc. but I also do things like paint my nails (If I know what I will be wearing) make sure hair is washed, moisturized and of course try and get a decent nights sleep.


Schanae Jellick

Schanae Jellick

Victoria' Secret - Body

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Q: Do you have a favourite photograph?

I don’t have a favourite photographer no, I think photography is art and every port I find some I love and some I hate.


Q: Is there anybody you would like to work with?

I would love to do a shoot for VANS shoes and like every other models dream; it would be amazing to do something for Chanel.


Q: What does fashion mean to you?

It’s an expression of personality, portrayed through clothing and accessories. It’s everyone’s own art. From the designer, to the owner of the garment and how they wear it.


Q: How would you define your personal style?

It’s not everyday and it’s certainly mixed. You will see me in heels and a dress one day and a cap with guys singlets the next


Schanae Jellick

Schanae Jellick


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Q: Where are you based?

Brisbane, Australia.


Q: What’s it like being where you’re from?

It’s challenging in the modeling world, Australia already has very limited work, and Brisbane is most certainly not the fashion hub. It’s also very hot!


 Q: What’s been the highlight of your career to date?

Getting sent to Tokyo when I was 14.


Q: What are you hoping to achieve over the next 12 months?

More print work and hopefully more international recognition.


Q: What do you do to relax?

Although its probably not relaxing to most I’m most relaxed when I go down to my favourite club for a shuffle (dance) I also love the beach and random drives with stops at interesting places.


Q: Where would your favourite holiday (vacation) be and why?

Someone tropical, I’ve seen a lot of the world but most have been large developed cities in Europe and USA.

I would love to go back to New York one day though as I have a lot of modeling offers from that part of the world.


Schanae Jellick

Schanae Jellick

Armani Jeans

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Q: What songs are on your iPod at the moment?

Unifite -- The Solution and You’ll Find Yourself.


Q: Do you have interesting hobbies?

Shuffling and I have this extreme weird interest in strange animals. I’m also slowly getting into photography.


Q: If you could give a little piece of advice for new or aspiring models what would it be?

Take critique seriously, don’t just do the old “oh he doesn’t know, or he wouldn’t have a clue”.


Q: What motivates you to do what you do?

I honestly can’t answer that -- Hunger for more, I’m never satisfied for long.


Schanae Jellick

Schanae Jellick


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Editor’s Note:  Schanae Jellick has a sporty, funky and sensuous look that can be utilized in a variety of fashion and commercial styles. At Urbanity Chic we can see Schanae enjoying continued modeling success over the coming months and years. One to watch!


If you’re interested in contacting Schanae Jellick or seeing more of her impressive portfolio just follow the links below:

facebook link: Can be found with or Shay Zaar

Model Mayhem Link:


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