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Vera Wang is without a doubt one of the most famous names in the fashion world, and she’s earned her worldwide fashion icon status through a lot of hard work, determination, and the use of her natural skills and an eye for design.


Vera Wang


For legions of women, she is considered the queen of bridal design, creating some of the most breathtaking, high-quality bridal gowns in the bridal industry today. Her contemporary approach to wedding gown design changed the face of bridal fashion and all that it is typically known for.


Media and Celebrity Exposure

Vera’s passion for mixing sleek, chic, modern design with romantic and vintage style has made her one of the most sought-after designers by celebrities and consumers alike, and has transformed her brand into one of the most recognizable names amidst the sea of heavy-hitter style gurus. Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, and Melania Trump are only a few of the countless celebrities who adore Vera’s designs.

Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, and Chelsea Clinton all wore her wedding gown creations, and she’s been mentioned and featured in a handful of film and television programs over the years. Project Runway, The Apprentice, and Ugly Betty all featured her as a guest, and she appeared as herself in movies such as First Daughter, staring famous actress Katie Holmes, and The September Issue.

The film The September Issue was a documentary that focused on Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief, and the drama that surrounded the making of the September 2007 issue of the magazine. Additionally, she’s been referenced repeatedly in pop culture, from Sex and the City and West Wing, to the movie Bride Wars.


Vera Wang

Vera Wang


Devotion to Style              

Fashion was never a new thing to Vera Wang, who worked hard for 16 years for the world-renowned Vogue magazine as a senior fashion editor. Originally aiming to be a figure skater, Vera instead devoted her entire career to fashion, accepting a job from Ralph Lauren after leaving Vogue.

Early on, however, she did design costumes for famous figure skaters, such as two-time Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan, and five-time World champion Michelle Kwan. While working for fellow icon Ralph Lauren, she designed everything from lingerie to sportswear, and eventually began her own line of bridal wear, which would later become a central part of her design legacy.


The Look

Vera Wang’s signature look revolves around one thing—sophistication. This is the highlight of all of her designs. Although both vintage and modern fashions come into play with each of her creations, there is always a clear bent toward modern chic. Her look is all about easygoing layers, cool attitude, and timeless elegance.

Along with her bridal looks, her contemporary causal lines are known for sophistication with an edge. Each piece is infused with trendy, funky flair, yet never gaudy or too over the top. Her brand encompasses a range of equally stylish jewelry, fragrances, and eyewear. For everyday cool elegance or a chic bridal look, Vera Wang’s separates and bridal gowns offer the epitome of sexy sophistication for the modern woman.


Vera Wang

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