In Vogue Fashion Report: Victorian Charm

You cannot help but notice the abundance of Victorian and vintage-inspired clothing trends that are taking over the fashion industry. The popularity of all-things-feminine is growing at an alarming rate, and each season, we are seeing an increase in the appearance of vintage-inspired women’s clothing with a touch of Victorian charm.


Victorian Charm

Modern Fashion with Victorian Influences


What’s the best part about this hot new trend? The fact that these ultra-feminine designs are being mixed and matched with menswear-inspired pieces, such as military styles and vintage men’s blazers. That’s right-- looks with lots of lace, pastel pinks, and edgy schoolboy blazers are being combined to create an eclectic, vintage style for women.


The Look

The blend of vintage and Victorian styles has created a surge in delicate, ladylike ensembles, which are often combined with a little edge. Everything from lace-edged socks worn with sandals, and floral print sundresses with various pastel shades are gracing the shelves. To top it off, fun menswear-inspired pieces are being used to complement these looks. Whether it’s a military-style combat boot or a navy-inspired dark blue blazer, women are hopping on the Victorian charm train with added touches of tough tomboy chic.


Victorian Charm

Victorain Fashion


Victorian Elements

The elements of old Victorian fashion that are currently influencing women’s fashion trends include corsets, romantic lacing, and elegant, elaborate patterns and fabrics. All of these elements are being used to complement more modern styles of the 21st century.

Brocade designs mixed with chic lace are common features of the trend; showing up on many blouses, summer dresses, and even pants. Lace-up booties are also all the rage, borrowing Victorian elements such as rounded toes and lace-up designs. Some styles even have intricate lace detail integrated into the exterior shoe design. These bootie styles are available in short ankle lengths as well as knee or mid-calf lengths.

Victorian-inspired shades such as deep purples, mauves, and taupes make these shoe designs absolutely beautiful, especially when paired with other Victorian features, like lace off-the-shoulder blouses and sleek corsets with killer silhouettes.

If you are unsure as to whether or not some of these Victorian-inspired features are too much for your modern wardrobe, then consider adding two or three solid pieces to your collection for optimal versatility. Pairing one or two of these vintage or antique pieces with a simple pair of skinny jeans or leggings is a great way to sport the trend without overdoing it.


Victorian Fashion


Additionally, accessories with traditional vintage charm, such as Victorian or Edwardian parasols are making their presence known as well. Models wearing Victorian and modern fashions alike have been walking the runways with these era-inspired accessories, dramatically changing the look of even the most modern ensembles.

Whether you are a sophisticated minimalist or you love an overload of feminine chic styles, the Victorian charm trend allows you to embrace vintage romance and your inner girly girl. Borrow something old and something new with the latest Victorian-inspired trends, and don’t expect to see these romantic looks disappear anytime soon.


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