The Latest Louis Vuitton Trends

Louis Vuitton, the world-renowned fashion brand known for its fine leather goods and accessories, is a fashion lover’s dream. Year after year, from Fashion Week to the seasonal runways, artists, designers, and avid fashionistas across the globe gather together to admire and swoon over the latest Louis Vuitton looks.


Scarlett Johansson modeling for Louis Vuitton




The Birth of Vuitton Trends

Louis Vuitton, the founder of the company, was born in the early 1800’s and soon made his way to Paris, where he later founded the label in 1854. Since then, the label has contributed groundbreaking designs and trends to the fashion world each year, making it an incomparable, distinguished household name in the fashion industry.

Beginning with the designs of travel accessories such as high-quality luggage, Louis Vuitton instantly made a name for himself as a premier designer and carrier of luxurious leather luggage and accessories. Today, the essence of the label is still upheld through its superior leather goods. Since the label was established in the 1800’s, the brand has grown in popularity of immense proportions.


Louis Vuitton’s Damier Azur Galleria Bag



Vuitton Trends Today

Women and men everywhere still flock to the runway each year to get a glimpse of the latest Louis Vuitton fashions, and you wouldn’t dare speak of the fashion industry to style gurus without at least acknowledging the honorable Louis Vuitton. The brand’s name has simply been one of the most influential Houses in fashion to date.

Louis Vuitton’s famous supple leather has been used to provide an array of purses, handbags, wallets, and luggage. The latest trends have focused on the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram design, with warm pink and brown hues, such as deep mauve, rouge, and a variety of shades of pink and taupe.


Louis Vuitton Style




1. The Sherwood GM in Monogram Vernis Leather

One of the hottest bags of the season, The Sherwood GM in Monogram Vernis leather, comes in Rouge Fauviste, Amarante, Blanc Corail, or Pomme D’Amour, and it is made with the finest shiny golden brass hardware. This embossed patent leather design exudes elegance. From its exquisite Toron handles to its delicate detailing, this bag is practical, sophisticated, and extremely chic. Aside from its striking good looks, the Sherwood GM’s roomy interior makes it a must-have for the woman on the go.



2. The Heart Coin Purse

Store your cash in luxury with the Heart Coin Purse, a new arrival that stands out among all the rest. This embossed Monogram Vernis Leather coin purse is lined with calf leather and comes with a chain to attach to the D-ring of any Louis Vuitton bag. Available in the same Rouge Fauviste and Blanc Corail colors as the Sherwood GM, the Heart Coin Purse is also available in a dark, luscious Blue Infini color, perfect for any season.



3. The Debbie Ballerina in Monogram Idylle


Although the Louis Vuitton brand is famous for its luxury handbags, luggage, and accessories, it also offers gorgeous shoe wear and attire for the chicest women on the block. Ballerina flats are all the rage right now, and the Debbie Ballerina in Monogram Idylle embodies the popular features of this trend with practicality and sophistication. Available in Sepia and Fusain colors, this ballet pump is exceptionally constructed with an extra-supple rubber sole and padded insock to provide ultimate comfort.


Louis Vuitton Style


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