Old Hollywood’s Impact on the Fashion World

We all recognize Old Hollywood as an influential piece of history that has significantly shaped and defined what we consider to be glamorous. This is the same glamour we still pay homage to today, in the 21st century. Hollywood may be a physical place, but Old Hollywood has been a representation of an actual era for decades now; a more romantic, nostalgic era that has passed down some of the chicest fashions to date.

Marilyn Monroe - an Epitome of Old Hollywood



The spirit of Hollywood from the 1920’s to the 1960’s affected pop culture and the fashion industry in such a way that old starlets, films, and directors alike are still household names today because of its popularity. Over the years, we’ve tried our best to imitate or reproduce everything and anything that these celebrities and films have left behind for us to admire.

Vintage Designs

As Old Hollywood left traces of its soul behind, just about everything from its past spawned inspiration, and our world has been fascinated with it ever since. From clothing and art, to music and architectural design, the Old Hollywood we all know and cherish has left its mark in immeasurable ways.

One area where its glamour is still evident today is the fashion world, where style influences from this period in time are everywhere you turn. Still to this day, major designers from famous fashion Houses all over the globe have channeled Hollywood glamour in their designs. If Old Hollywood gave the fashion industry anything, it gave it the very definition of the word “classic.”

The largest influences Old Hollywood glamour has passed on are found in the countless vintage designs that are responsible for the most timeless trends. Unlike many other trends in the fashion world, vintage trends have transcended the passing of time, thanks to their universal appeal and sophisticated versatility. Year after year, flapper or retro-inspired trends appear on the runways, and designers create lines to emulate the fashion icons of this famous era. Art Deco brooches and sleek, streamlined blazers are a few simple examples that we see lingering in the fashion world today.


Bette Davis

Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn




Famous Starlets

Thanks to famous starlets such as Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis, round, voluptuous dress silhouettes, lace appliqués, and netted hats and veils are here to stay. Who can forget Audrey Hepburn’s sunglasses and sleek black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Or how about the edgy leather jacket that bad boy James Dean so generously graced us with in Rebel without a Cause?  These are all simple yet elegant fashions that we have Old Hollywood to thank for.

As time goes on, we continue to see a reemergence in vintage fashions. From the runways to the red carpet, our modern designers, models, and celebrities are all choosing to return to their fashion roots. Borrowing style wisdom from the fabulous Lana Turner and dashing charm from the one and only Fred Astaire, our modern fashion gurus continue to turn to pieces of original Hollywood fashion, which can be found in the most subtle forms on the runway.

Fred Astaire

Lana Turner



Next time you admire the delicately-laced boat neck on the latest Vera Wang gown, or the chic birdcage veil that Katherine Heigl wore to her wedding, remember Old Hollywood and all of the glamour it has contributed to the fashion industry over the years. The magnitude of its influence may never fully be recognized, but what we do know of it will certainly be idolized in the generations to come.

Katherine Heigl - Inspired by Old Hollywood?

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