An African American Trendsetter Sitting on top of a Goldmine

Russell Simmons is known for his vision, revolutionized fashion, music and finance empire. He sets out to make things happen and in simple terms, he does. His blueprint for success is to visualize, perceive success and make things better. Simmons has been called the entrepreneurial role model; providing guidance on achievement directly and indirectly. So how exactly did Russell Simmons set trends in fashion? His fashion line spoke directly to street savvy urban America. He listens to the people, what they want, what they need, and melds it all together to determine what will be hip and successful.


Russell Simmons


The rap culture provided a hook for inner city youths and young adults looking for a style that was upbeat with all the attitude of the music. Russell Simmons embraced this need and identified what would become popular and what wouldn’t. What signified the intense music and what would people respond to?

But what started out as a niche, Simmons help to evolve and create a bigger brand that involved not only street savvy individuals but corporate America. Dare I say “Argyle”?


Phat Farm by Russell Simmons


Simmons has been completely receptive to the consumer needs. And while it all started in the inner city the label has become a prominent success with mainstream worldwide consumer appeal. The clothing targets everyone looking for ensembles that are fashion forward yet keeping with today’s trend.

Russell understood that time and fashion evolves and of course consumer appeal changes so how do you appeal to a wide group? That is one of Russell Simmons great successes; being able to successfully launch a business and being inspired to change the perception of that brand. Phat Farm was once thought of as “street wear” but today it fits anyone and everyone from urban to corporate America.


Phat Farm caters for both urban and corporate America



Russell is a definitely a trendsetter and this is evident with his enduring label. His creative mind took a major influence of hip hop music and made us fall in love with a trend that is all attitudes. And as a result, Russell Simmons has transformed his approach to include a little of everything; urban, contemporary and metropolitan style.

Russell Simmons


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