How to Reinvent your Style on a Shoe-String Budget

Everyone needs a metamorphosis to reinvent your style now and again; you know, change the predictable and drab into fascinating and mysterious Wow! It’s natural to crave for change, reinvent and update your look.  But what rule book says you have to break the bank while looking good? There are ways to reinvent your style on a shoestring budget AND look like you’ve spent a fortune.

You can reinvent your style without spending a fortune

First, do not start your reinvention by tossing out staple pieces you look good in; these pieces are the foundation of your wardrobe and will shape your overall look. The secret to cracking this code involves reviewing your wardrobe, identifying exactly what you want to change and finding ways to enhance what you already have.

Now, many of us love our black and white and neutral tones so experiment a bit and add a splash of color.


  • A colorful camisole paired with a tailored blazer gives a lot of style and a new look to your professional appearance. The color sparks interest and makes everyone take a second glance.


  • A colorful scarf will bring some excitement to a boring black suit and uplift your mood.





A patterned camisole can work both casually and with a business suit

And don’t be shy about wearing prints; swap that simple black cardigan for a floral one or add some stripes. Patterned tops always perk up a wardrobe and the color adds visual impact.  Keep in mind, you should always polish and maximize your inner fashion goddess with a bit of visual impact. Color, color, color will always lead the way in any reinvention.

Whether you’re seeking corporate chic or a do-over for corporate casual there’s a simplified way to re-style your current look. The quick and simple restyling tools include mix and matching colorful blouses or seasonal sweaters with your staple pants and skirts, adorned with belts, sparkly shoes or a fitted blazer.

How do you reinvent your style with the familiar cotton t-shirt?

All t-shirts are not equal but a solid color scooped-neck t-shirt paired with a pencil skirt and the right necklace will turn that outfit into a great style idea.

Take a different perspective on fashion; it’s a visual conversation piece to make you feel confident and others admire you.

Fashion adds drama and plays up your personality. Your only challenge in your style reinvention is choosing which items make your outfit stand out. The secret is not what you pair together; it’s the details you use to make the outfit pop.

A pencil skirt is a fashion staple

A pencil skirt and a scoop neck top may sound a bit lackluster at first glance, but when that skirt is a vibrant color paired with a sparkling necklace and/or large bauble bracelet the outfit comes alive.



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