Fashion Trends to Make the Biggest Impact this Spring

The newest trends offer us inspiration for added confidence and moral. Just think of waking in the morning knowing you’ll look good today. Fashion gives us reliable independence and helps us shine. This is why we don’t choose just any trend or new fad, but the ones that make the biggest impact. Those are the trendy clothes we keep and build on year after year.

Make an Impact this Spring with a fitted trench jacket



If you’re looking to add some trendy style to your wardrobe and flaunt your passion for fashion here’s a list of spring must-haves that will make the biggest impact;

  • Everyone needs to have a come-hither halter this spring. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a solid color or a print; the look is amazing and ultra feminine.


A sophisticated and sensual halter dress


  • A sexy camisole to pair with a blazer or cardigan. A camisole can throw in a dash of femininity and flair for day or night, dressy or casual.


  • Curve-loving dresses that hit just at the knee. A body conscious well fitted outfit, that isn’t tight yet it hits the curves in all the right places will make an impact everywhere you go. I promise!

Tailored Linen Shorts

  • High-waist tailored linen shorts in neutral and pastel colors. Linen shorts are soft and comfortable, yet have a polished look. Pair with a blazer and you’ll have an instant runway look.




  • Necklaces in varying summer colors and length. Try pairing a long multi-beaded necklace in earth colors or coral neutral colors with a white scoop neck t-shirt and jeans and see how it changes the mood of the outfit. Or try pairing a shorter length silver two strand necklace with a collared white button down and see how the embellishment prompts a more refined look.


Now that you’ve got the basic staples of an outfit, here are some additions to further your mission of looking sexy and well-defined this spring;

  • Shoulder bag in a bright color like Red, Orange or Yellow.


A red shoulder bag will really give your ensemble impact.

  • Buy a Watch! There are two trends in watches right now; colored sport watches and sleek silver watches. Depending upon the look you’re going for whether corporate polished or the “it” girl, buy something that fits your personality.


  • Sandals that Bling! Any heel imagined counts! Go for gemstones and sparkles to ignite any outfit.

Fitted trench jacket

  • Trench jacket with wide belt is the number one pick this spring. This trendy jacket wraps up your outfit, whether casual or business-like. Not only is this pick a forever trend, but you get to wear it with a wide assortment of ensembles.






Putting your best fashion foot forward doesn’t have to be indulgent; choose items to play up your current wardrobe and you’ll be happy with the end results.


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