The Style and Substance of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has influenced the fashion world with his mastery of classic yet comfortable ensembles. His clothes make a statement for any and every budget – tastefully elegant, straightforward yet refined. When you dress the “Lauren” way you’re stating you have impeccable taste.

Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren fashion line is not flashy but definitely obvious of refined class and elegance.  Ralph Lauren devotees opt for his elegant, easy-to-wear timeless pieces that exude good taste with that polished class. Every one of his basics can be mixed and matched to accommodate any occasion and every plan.

Ralph Lauren doesn’t follow the latest trends or radically change his line from season to season; it always remains typical Lauren – elegant and classy with a statement. And while it’s definitely not your typical ready-to-wear, his pieces are always accessible for any engagement.

Just think; your monotonous black slacks are so predictable; however, paired with a RL iconic ensemble piece and you look and feel like you’ve just walked off the runway! A perfect example of how a Lauren timeless piece turns obsolete into great style.

Choosing just one piece from his signature “Lauren” fashion line can uplift and refresh your wardrobe.



The understated style of Ralph Lauren

Why is he an Icon?

Ralph Lauren Ladies Golf Shirt

Ralph Lauren’s look is a reflection of a refined conservative culture. He’s equipped with an unyielding understanding of peoples’ fashion needs. He knows how to make people feel comfortable, all-the-while feeling relaxed and confident. Lauren takes staple pieces and pairs them with a luxurious classic that’s uncomplicated.

Suits, tailored blazers, classic ribbed sweaters, smart polo shirts, and tailored dress shirts are all examples of his uncompromising taste. And his branded Pony is known world-wide and visible everywhere.

Ralph Lauren’s clothing is all about your lifestyle; loving his design and the feeling of luxury.

You never have to worry about the vibe of the office because all his collections work in any environment. You’ll spot his Polo Pony in urban areas as well as affluent avenues, transcending all cultures.


Ralph Lauren Shawl Sweater

While many items are pricey the brand strives to include all price points and, therefore, it’s accessible to everyone. But Lauren’s message has been heard loud and clear: Buy the best you can afford and keep it classy and classic.  While dressing in his uncomplicated style, you’ll profess your love of quiet sophistication and class.

One thing you can be assured of; invest in one colored pony polo to pair with any slacks and your ensemble will rise above ordinary.


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