How Jennifer Lopez Made Us Crave for Curves

Our foremost fashion trends undoubtedly begin and end with celebrities and Jennifer Lopez made us applaud once again for curvy hourglass figures. We learned many lessons on accentuating and accepting a curvaceous figure.

We all have practical criteria about clothes and celebrities – they help us feel confident and serve as a status symbol. Some even help create allegiances to familiar brands.

The fit of a garment is an essential component of its salability and the largest proportion of our population have always found it difficult to find just that perfect fit. That’s where celebrity style comes in the picture.

Jennifer Lopez continues to make us feel good about getting the next size up and who cares about that stick-size zero. If it’s ok for her and she can flaunt it, then we don’t feel ashamed to follow the leader. Jennifer Lopez accepts her body, loves her body and shows us by not trying to hide her  most obvious attributes.

Jennifer Lopez


So what’s the best stay-forever trend that Jennifer Lopez has brought to the forefront?

  • Latino Sexy Siren Style
  • Large Hoop Earrings
  • The Au-natural braless look in barely down to there clothing
  • Retro Hair Styles

Jennifer Lopez

You’ll notice Jennifer Lopez continues to take risk with her fashion choices. Throughout the years she bounced from her trademark feminine ruffles and natural makeup and Greek goddess look to sexy siren asymmetrical designs; and we can never forget her skin tight outfits.

Jennifer Lopez - asymmetrical designs

But here’s the most fruitful viewpoint of her fashion choices; she always chooses fashionable items that accentuate her body and we try to emulate her look because we love it! She’s not afraid of her curvaceous look and wearing items that show off those curves.


And in the midst of ridicule, JLo keeps up with the same sexy looks and the same trends that’s it all her own.


And while you may want to emulate your favorite fashion icon, it might require an unlimited trendy budget to match that enthusiasm for celebrity trendy fashions. But don’t despair, because everything a celebrity wears can be replicated.






Jennifer Lopez


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