Emulating the Style of Princess Grace Kelly

One of the best known fashion icons is Princess Grace Kelly. Her style was a fresh concept of simplicity and effortless elegance. Grace Kelly had a style that was well balanced, cool and confident; and although understated, her flair and style was poised and made a statement.

Grace Kelly

Every outfit was a perfect mesh of neutral tones with just a hint of color every now and again. Her look was very stylish yet uncomplicated. Fast forward to today and while things have changed many of Grace Kelly’s elegant trends still remain the same.

  • Princess Grace was often photographed wearing a headscarf and even today; this trend has become intertwined into our ensembles.
  • Princess Grace made wearing white ladylike gloves an elegant addition to your wardrobe
  • Princess Grace dressed in sophisticated ensembles with key extras that showed off a feminine touch of elegance.

So how do you emulate the fashion style of Grace Kelly?


Grace Kelly

Begin by thinking simple, not fussy or frilly; use monochromatic colors and quality fabrics that are luxurious and elegant. Choose neutral colors that are flatter your skin type and build your wardrobe around high quality pieces.
One of the most universally flattering and elegant pieces of jewelry are pearls, Grace Kelly’s favorite piece of jewelry. Pearls provide an immediate transformation and assertion of femininity with softness yet confidence; a simple strand can instantly uplift your outfit and provide an affluent look to an otherwise desperate ensemble.

In keeping with Grace Kelly’s fashion choices, she also kept her makeup muted and light yet glowing. Her makeup always complimented but never stood out or compromised her style.

It seems more people use makeup to transform instead of using it to uplift and enhance. There are many makeup multi-taskers that provide effortless beauty without much effort.

  • Use a quick cheek and lip stain – it adds a hint of color, stays put but it has sheer coverage
  • Tinted body lotions – hides light bruising and can diminish looks you’d rather be covered up
  • Illuminating powder – this should always be used to set your makeup. It gives your face an allover glow and helps downplay ruddiness.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly had a signature style that we seek to reinvent for ourselves. The hair, the shoes, the makeup and even the nail color sends the world a consistent message about who we are. Everything we wear is a declaration of who we really are and who we strive to become.

It’s amazing how fashion tells the story for us. Without uttering a word fashion is always self-evident.



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