Desert-Inspired Fashion Trends Take Over the Catwalk

Desert-inspired fashion trends have been gracing the runways since 2007, the year they really began stealing the spotlight. Trends with desert inspiration have appeared in the fashion industry numerous times over the years, with different elements taking center stage from year to year. However, 2011 is proving to be the year that desert-inspired fashion trends take over the catwalk!


Desert Fashion

Desert Fashion is Hitting the Catwalk


Mixed with military-style clothing and accessories, desert-inspired looks have merged with uniform, vintage trends that the military fad currently embraces. You’ll find everything from military jackets to camo print blouses, paired with beige cargo-style pants and dark brown and khaki knit tops.

If you’re ready to heat things up this summer with the same hot desert-inspired fashion that is all the rage on the runways, here are some of the most current desert trends to be aware of.


Popular Trends

Desert-inspired looks are definitely all about neutral colors and clean, chic materials, but the key elements in these trends are also all about the prints and patterns. This year, Southwestern prints are a desert trend staple, with everything from Aztec patterns and jewelry to tribal shapes and bold colors. Many tribal patterns are mixed with skull prints or Native American designs, and jewelry and other accessories are decked out with whimsical charms and ornaments.


Tribal Fashion

Aztec Fashion


Aztec print dresses are especially hot this year, with off-the-shoulder designs and feminine ruffled accents. Other items that are essential include wedge heels and scarves with tribal accents, which act as focal pieces to any desert-inspired look. They are paired with solid cargo pants and tops, or long, flowing dresses and chunky skull charm jewelry.

Between desert color tones, Southwestern influence, and military chic, these desert trends bring a whole new meaning to laid-back style. They have already been a hit this spring, and they are ideal for the upcoming summer months!


How to Wear Them

Since desert-inspired fashion trends are based heavily on bold, intricate prints and patterns, wearing them can be a little tricky. Like many other trends, if you wear too many pieces, you risk throwing your look out of balance and making it appear too over the top, but if you don’t wear enough of the trend, your outfit may not look desert-inspired at all.


Desert Fashion

Desert Fashion


The best way to wear these trends is to choose at least one or two pieces you can use as focal points for your ensemble. For example, a lightweight tribal pattern scarf combined with a thick, skull charm bracelet is just enough to give a beige or olive green sundress some desert style. A Southwestern-style heel paired with an Aztec print dress is a surefire way to create an over-the-top look, so opt for just a set of desert heels and a tribal handbag instead. Keep it simple, but don’t be afraid to play around with these bold trends.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to choose one or the other—either wear your shoes and accessories with desert-inspired prints, or wear your dress, blouse, or shorts with the prints. Don’t wear both, or your outfit might clash, and you’ll look less than hot on your own personal runway!


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